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Published on October 1st, 2013 | by Patrick Gaines


Custom Tools for Exploitation

In most hacking competitions where you’re trying to not get hacked back, or a box is so thoroughly secure that stock exploits aren’t going to work on it, it’s time to get around that by getting tools made specifically for your needs. In this talk we’re going to talk about custom tools and custom exploits that have been released by the leading hacking teams in the world, and I’ll even teach you how to use them.

Where: BYENG210
When: Saturday October 5th, 1:00pm
Why: Because you are a special snowflake
You won’t need to bring anything this time but your body and a willingness to learn. I’ll remind you throughout the week to attend, but please come! This is the last talk before the hackathon and we want you to be prepared to h4x the tub3s

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I am a Computer Science student at Arizona State University specializing in Software Engineering, especially with Web and Mobile Applications and Service-Oriented Architecture/Computing.

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