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Published on January 8th, 2013 | by Jeremy


InstallFEST Spring 2013

Installfest is on Saturday Jan 19th from 1pm – 4pm in BYENG 210.  If you are interesting in getting started with Linux, or just want help solving driver issues, experts will be on hand to help you!
It does seem that the Arch regime is finally over. You can rest assured that Gentoo can now take its rightful place! Seriously, though if you are burned out on Ubuntu and want to prove you are truly awesome sauce Gentoo experts will be there to ease you into this supreme distro.
Are you interested is managing servers and advanced IP table configurations? CentOS for you. What? you have a machine that still uses 3.5″ disks Damn Small Linux for you. Still using 720 KB Floppy disks? Busybox! Worried that your CPU doesn’t have an MMU? Fret not! uCLinux for you.
We have the right distro for you. So come on down to the install fest on the 19th and see what distro we can get you into.
Please RSVP Below:

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